Welcome to “Interactive English Grammar”!

This project is:
for all ages: this course is for school and university students, adult learners and language teachers
practical: use of tense is demonstrated through authentic videos
detailed: everything you need to master all aspects of the tense
interactive: interactive videos and activities for maximum result
fun: practice grammar with songs, films, and online games
Each unit consists of:
extra materials: the most important information in charts, tables and diagrams
interactive videos: watch and practice at the same time
interactive activities: games and tasks to help you practice everything you learn


About Us

Christina Shabo has been teaching English since 2011 and holds a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. She has worked with children and adults, groups and individual students from around the world. Christina’s favourite aspect of teaching English is grammar. An avid supporter of E-learning technologies, she has always wanted to create course that would enable students to master grammar on their own and enjoy the process.
EdEra is an online-education studio. We create online-courses, interactive books, lesson scenarios, and models of integration of modern educational solutions into the traditional educational process.

How to use the platform

Here are some tips on how to use the platform:
How to use the activities:
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